Finding a domain name that packs a punch

Finding a domain name that packs a punch

It pays to have some options up your sleeve, especially when you discover that a domain name of your choice is already in use and therefore not available. After trying every variation possible that you could have and you still feel the pickings do not connect with your business as you would like them to, then you can always explore different domain extensions.

The most popular domain extension is dot com. So, for instance, if your preferred domain is and that is not available, instead of feeling compelled to settle for or you could consider exploring your favorite domain name but with a different extension such ‘’

Although the dot-com extension is the most popular, it can also be the most populated being the oldest. This explains the level of difficulty you may experience in trying to get a desired domain within the dot com extension.

However, other domain extensions are both relevant to your business and may enable you to use your preferred domain as they are not as crowded. The main trick is to ensure the domain extension you opt for is relevant to your business.

Other domain extensions include

  • .org – works well with non-profits and organizations
  • .info – is great for information sites
  • .net – a good fit for Internet infrastructure sites as well as technical sites
  • .biz – relevant for commercial sites such e-commerce
  • .co – goes well with community, company as well as commerce sites
  •  .photography – this extension is great for photography related websites, commercial or otherwise
  • .me – is not the best choice for a commercial site. However, it’s relevant for personals, resume’s and blogs
  • .guru – this extension is versatile and  can work for commercial sites as it has the connotation of a specialist in the chosen field whether photography, carpet cleaning or computer repair among others

Depending on what services or products you are selling online, there are numerous options that you can explore resulting in a domain name that you feel confident will work for your online business.


There is much in a domain name as it represents you on the net. When settling for one, it requires some level of creativity to come up with the right one. So writing several possible domains on a piece of paper is a start or asking friends and family who understand what a domain is might also prove helpful.  This solution coupled with a little bit of research on your part should get you closer to finding one memorable, relevant and easy to spell domain.

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